Kiva Oken

Quantitative Ecologist, Rutgers University

About me

I grew up in Portland, OR, and then moved to Northfield, MN to attend Carleton College where I studied math and environmental studies. During the year following my graduation, I did a number of things including bike halfway across the country, volunteer on organic farms and hike in New Zealand, and work for the Outdoor School program in Portland. Spring Break 2013 006

I was attracted to QERM by the opportunity to gain a solid foundation of quantitative skills and use those skills to help answer interesting environmental questions. I already had a background in both math and ecology, and found QERM to be a unique program that allowed me to combine the two subjects. I would be happy to talk with prospective students about the program.

Away from the desk, I enjoy cooking and getting outside and biking, hiking, climbing, paddling, or any other manner of human-powered exploration. I also volunteer with Sierra Club Inspiring Connections Outdoors.