Kiva L. Oken, Ph.D.

Quantitative Ecologist and Fishery Scientist

About me

I grew up in Portland, Oregon where the mountains and ocean of the verdant Pacific Northwest quickly attracted me to the natural world.alaska 011 I went on to attend Carleton College in Minnesota where I found myself frequently noticing ties between environmental science classes and mathematics, and I also really enjoyed the math classes. I ended up earning a BA in math with a minor in environmental studies in 2010. Before graduate school, I also spent some time traveling, and working for the Outdoor School program in Portland (which I credit with piquing my interest in ecology while a high school volunteer). When not writing beautiful R code, I enjoy sharing good food with friends and any sort of self-propelled recreation outdoors: bicycling, climbing, backpacking, paddling, jogging, cross-country skiing, etc.